Sacred Space

saturday, march 2nd 1:15-3:45pm

Come join us and explore the many techniques and technologies of yoga. 

We will be exploring a wide range from Sat Kryia (awakening and raising the kundalini energy), Pranayam (breath awareness and control to move prana/life force), WaheGuru mantra (infinite ecstasy and experiencing moving from darkness to light) and Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep/sleepless sleep).

Yoga Nidra is a very effective way to slow the brain wave activity. We will unplug starting with breath and body awareness to promote relaxation. This allows the brain activity to shift from beta to alpha where the brain can now power down. From alpha to high theta brain wave state (dream land/REM sleep). Then guided to delta which is the most restorative state. This is where we can expedite healing, restore organs and stress hormone cortisol is removed from your system. Yoga Nidra takes you down to the fourth state of consciousness, below delta and this cannot be reached through conventional sleep. It takes practice to get here, but the more your practice you may get glimpses of this state. 

The price: $80+gst

What to wear- Loose and comfortable clothing

What to bring- Water, blankets, pillows, socks and an open heart and mind

(A limited number of blankets and bolsters will be available for use)

Be prepared to have fun and learn boat loads about yourself! And be warned, you may have an experience of getting high on your own supply and may be inspired to spread light, love, harmony and peace to all.

Contact the studio to register now!

Your guide: Kellie started practicing yoga in 2002 in Minneapolis MN after graduating from Stephens College in Columbia MO with a BFA in Dance. Shortly after, she tracked out to New York City to dance and it was here her hunger and love continued to grow as she took on a work study at a Yoga studio in the Upper West End. The gears shifted and she felt inspired to share the wealth. She went to L.A. Spring 2005 and completed Bikram Yoga training and taught right after and has been teaching since. She has taught worldwide from US, to Hong Kong and Canada. She went to Rocket Yoga training at Asta Yoga Studio in San Francisco 2013. Sadhaka training at the Dharma Temple in Vancouver 2016 and participated in the Aquarian Luminosity training at the Dharma Temple in 2017. Through teaching, her biggest shift was practicing and now teaching Kundalini Yoga. Yoga is to connect, yolk or align to you. But how can we do this if we haven’t cleaned our house aka mind/body? If you don’t remember who you are, how can you be you? Kundalini is a very effective and quick way of removing blocks ( mental, physical, psychological, emotional) to be very clear and awake. From here, you wake up! You can remember who you are and get on with living a vibrant and amazing life. Even in crisis, you still know who you are and stand firm in the face of the difficulty because you are devoted to a practice that constantly reminds you or you. This is freedom/liberation.