March: Dancer Pose

Dancer Pose or Natarajasana has many variations, however, something they all have in common is the representation of grace, beauty and strength. It can be very beneficial in opening the chest and shoulders while creating strength in the lower body; building balance and focus. It will also help with the strengthening of the biceps and the opening of the hips, all while stretching the hamstrings and bending the spine. There are so many tasty benefits to the posture no matter which variation you choose! Need some help getting started?

Here are some tips:

  1. Find a focal point for your eyes to aid you in keeping your balance.

  2. Reach back and grab your ankle from the inside and align your hips and knees. Then raise your other arm up above your head.

  3. Note: If you have trouble reaching your ankle you can wrap a strap around your ankle instead of grabbing with your hand.

  4. Once you feel balanced, start kicking your foot back into your hand to create space between your foot and your behind.

  5. Begin to kick your foot up while still kicking back and bring your body down towards the ground. Stretch your raised arm out in front of you and keep kicking up and back in order to keep your balance.

  6. Remember not to hyperextend your standing leg. It’s okay to keep it micro bent if this is an issue for your knee.

Only go as far into the posture as feels good for your body! Ease into the pose and your body will slowly open up with time.