COVID-19 Policies and Safety Plan

All students must pre-register for classes online through our website or using the MindBody Booking App

All classes are non-heated to comply with Provincial Health Orders. Please dress appropriately

We have a limit of 10 students maximum per class

Students may pre-register for classes up to 7 days in advance. All students are limited to taking 1 class per day. We are no longer permitting students to take multiple classes per day at this time.

Cancellation Policy applies to all online bookings. Students may cancel online registrations up to 12 hours prior to the scheduled class start time. Failure to cancel the class prior to this 12-hour window (“Late Cancel”) OR failure to show up for registration (“No Show”) will result in a mandatory fee of $20 plus GST. Students must pay this balance prior to their next scheduled class.

We are not accepting walk-ins during this time. No additional visitors. The front door will be locked during class.

Please line up on designated spots outside of the studio until we open our front door to begin the sign-in process. We will begin sign in 15 minutes prior to scheduled class start times.

All students are required to wear a mask prior to entry and complete a non-contact infrared thermometer Temperature Check upon arrival. We will sell disposable masks for $1 if you do not have one.

Please note we no longer offer a water refill station. Please bring your own water bottle already filled with water. We will be selling ready to use recyclable water bottles and coconut water to be purchased at the front desk upon arrival.

Please note we no longer provide mat and towel rentals or offer any use of props such as yoga blocks or yoga straps. Please bring your own yoga mat and towel to class. We will be selling new yoga mats, towels, blocks and straps should you wish to purchase your own upon arrival.

We no longer provide the use of lockers. Please only bring what you need for class and place it beside your spot inside the yoga room. Please note all cellphones and any technological devices must be turned off or put on silent.

There are designated spots measured out in the yoga studio room to maintain physical distancing. You are not permitted to place your mat anywhere other than the designated spots.

Please note we no longer can offer change rooms and showers. We have 1 washroom to be used if necessary. Only 1 student at a time will be allowed to use this washroom. Please be mindful of your time in the washroom. Wash your hands with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds. Do not use this washroom to change. Please arrive dressed and ready for class.

We require students to exit the studio in a timely matter after the class has finished. There is to be no lingering or social conversations during this time.

We have a strict one-way exit out of the studio. Please follow directional arrow markings on the floor.

Please note that refusal to follow any of our new operations will result in termination of your membership.


Santosha Yoga COVID-19 Updated Safety Plan
November 13, 2020

For the safety of all Staff prior to work:

It has been communicated to all staff (Front Desk Receptionists and Yoga Teachers) that they must stay home if they are feeling sick. All staff are required to self assess their symptoms from our Health Questionnaire (see Attached) before coming into work. If any staff feel that they are exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, or they have been in contact with someone who may have COVID-19, they are encouraged to self isolate and call 8-1-1 or their health care provider. Staff are not permitted to come to work if they have travelled outside of Canada in the last 14 days. If staff are feeling sick, they must contact the Owner and Studio Manager to notify immediately to integrate appropriate schedule changes and increase the cleaning and disinfecting procedures if the sick staff has visited the premise in the last 14 days.

New Check-in Procedure for Students Prior to Arrival:

Online Registration

-All students are required to book their classes online and in advance. They are able to book classes up to 7 days in advance through our website or online App.
-Cancellation Policy states that if a student is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, been in contact with anyone who is sick, or travelled outside the country in the last 14 days, students must notify Santosha Yoga and are not permitted to enter the studio and they will not be charged and/or granted a credit when appropriate.

Emailed Confirmation and Health Questionnaire

-Once a student has successfully registered for a class, they are emailed a Confirmation Reservation which includes our Health Questionnaire (See Attached). If a student answers “YES” to experiencing any of the questions of the Health Questionnaire they are not permitted to take the class and are not permitted to enter the studio and encouraged to stay home, self isolate and call 8-1-1 or their health care provider.
Please see Document “Santosha Yoga Health Questionnaire”

Mandatory Masks

-All students and staff are required to wear masks upon entry and must continue to wear masks before and after each class.
-Students may only take masks off when they are in their physically distanced spot for class
-A Yoga Teacher make only take the mask off when they are in their physically distanced spot for class
-Front Desk Staff may only take the mask off when they are alone at the front desk area once the yoga class has started in the yoga studio room and the front entry door is locked so there are no visitors.
-Masks include material that covers the nose and mouth of the wearer to protect others from the spread of respiratory droplets.
-Masks can include cloth materials or disposable non-medical masks.
-All staff have been debriefed on the purpose of masks, how to properly take masks on and off, how to efficiently dispose of or store and keep masks clean.
More specifics on mask use below in this document. Please see: Mask Policy below

Temperature Checks

-Front Desk Staff will use a Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer to take Students temperatures upon check-in.
-While both the Front Desk Receptionist and Student are wearing masks, the Front desk Staff will hold the thermometer 2 inches away from a students forehead and read out the temperature.
-Any student with a temperature reading of 37.6 Degrees Celsius or higher will not be permitted to take class, and will not be charged and/or a credit will be granted when appropriate.

Capacity and Occupancy Limit

-Any scheduled yoga class is now limited to only 10 students per class
-Each spot is numbered and assigned to students upon arrival. All spots are mapped and measured so that all students are a minimum of 6 feet apart from each other at all times during a scheduled class.
-Inside the Yoga Studio Room, there are 11 total spots mapped out and clearly numbered and taped on the floor. 1 spot for each of the 10 students and 1 designated spot specifically for the Yoga Teacher.
-On any given day, the maximum capacity of total Staff and Students is 12. This includes a maximum at one time of 10 students, 1 Yoga Teacher and/or 1 Front Desk Receptionist when scheduled.
-A Front Desk Receptionist is only scheduled on evenings and weekends to reduce the amount of staff present at one time.
-The Studio Manager will work from home when possible to reduce the total number of workers present.
-The Front Desk Receptionist is to stay at the front entrance area of the premise while on shift unless cleaning and sanitizing specific areas of the yoga studio.
-The Staff Room has a maximum capacity for 2 people (1 Front Desk Receptionist and 1 Yoga Teacher may enter the staff room while maintaining physical distance and wearing a mask).
-No additional visitors. The front door is locked once the class has started. It is clearly posted on our front door that should any visitors have any inquiries to please call us, visit our website or email us for more information.
-One-way entry and exit marked with arrows and spaces to stand and wait measured to be a minimum of 6 feet apart
-All 10 spots for the Students and 1 spot for the Yoga Teacher are assigned and mapped out in the yoga studio room with visible tape and decals.
-Our Capacity Limit is clearly posted on the front window of the premise and on the door to the Yoga Studio room.
-All staff have been debriefed on our capability limit and always making sure to maintain physical distancing at all times.
Please see Document “Santosha Yoga Occupancy Limit Posters Nov 2020”


-Plexiglas Barriers installed throughout the studio to decrease the transmission of respiratory droplets
-2 Plexiglas barriers at the Front Desk Reception area to shield staff from entering students.
-3 Plexiglas barriers inside Yoga Studio Room between structural columns and the back wall to help reduce the spread of respiratory droplets between students.
– All barriers are steadily secured in place.
-All barriers at to be cleaned and disinfected before and after every scheduled class.




-COVID-19 specific mandatory cleaning between every class scheduled class and at the end of every scheduled shift.
-COVID-19 specific cleaning includes:
-Using EPA approved cleaner and using a fresh clean cloth per task
-Spraying and wiping all touched surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, front desk check-in area, bathroom faucet and toilet lever
-Spraying and mopping all floor
-Cleaning and wiping all Plexiglas barriers and mirrors
-Used cloths or mop heads go directly into the laundry machine.
-All staff have been debriefed on the importance of cleaning and disinfecting at the start of each shift, between every scheduled class, and upon closing.
-All staff are familiar with the cleaning products to be used and provided disposable gloves to wear while completing cleaning tasks.
-In the event that we have an unforeseen circumstance of running out of our EPA cleaning product, we keep bleach to be measured out with water to be used to wipe surface and mop floors. Instructions are posted on how to prepare bleach solution.
-All staff must fill out and complete a Daily Cleaning Checklist while on shift, between classes and sign off on at the end of each shift.
Please see Document “Daily Cleaning Checklist”

Hand Wash Stations

-We provide handwash stations for staff and students to use.
-Poster on proper handwashing technique is posted above all sinks
-Hand wash stations are supplied with warm water, soap and disposable paper towel
-All staff must make sure handwash stations are supplied and refilled with the above items

Hand Sanitizer Stations

-We have placed multiple hand sanitizer pumps for all staff and students to use
-Upon arrival at the front desk reception area, in the washroom, upon entrance and exit of the Yoga Studio Room, and upon exit of the building.
-All staff must make sure hand sanitizer stations are refilled

Mask Policy

-Mandatory Mask Use as of November 1st, 2020
-All Students and Staff must wear a mask upon entry
-Visible signage of required mask use posted on our front door, listed on our website and posted throughout the studio.
-Mandatory mask requirements are emailed to students in their reservation confirmation email for each class upon online reservation.
-We provide disposable masks for all staff or students should they not have their own
-All staff have been trained on how to safely take on, take off masks as well as the explained the use for them.
-All masks must cover the nose and mouth of the wearer
– Masks can be medical grade, or non-medical grade disposable and/or cloth.
See Document “Masks Required” of the poster that is visible from the outside of the front entrance.

Students Mask Requirements:
-Must wear a mask prior to entry into the premise
-Must continue to wear a mask until they have arrived at their designated spot for the class.
-Must put the mask on immediately following the end of the class, prior to stepping off of their designated space.
-Must continue to wear a mask when exiting the yoga studio and exiting the premise through the directed exit way

Yoga Teacher Mask Requirements:
-Must wear a mask prior to entry into the premise
-Must continue to wear a mask until they have arrived at their designated spot for class inside the yoga studio room.
-Must put the mask on immediately following the end of class, prior to stepping off of their designated space
-Must continue to wear the mask at all other times within the premise whenever there is any other student, staff or persons present

Front Desk Staff Mask Requirements:
-Must wear a mask prior to entry into the premise
-Must wear a mask during scheduled check-in procedure of every class.
-Must wear mask following the end of each class when entering the yoga studio room to clean and sanitize.
-Front Desk Staff are only permitted to take masks off when they are the only ones at the front desk reception area, once the scheduled yoga class has started in the yoga studio room and the front door is locked so there are no visitors or anyone else on the premise


-All HVAC systems are maintained and up to date with clean, new filters regularly replaced.
-Keep all doors open when possible at Front Desk Reception upon entry, Yoga Studio room door during check-in procedure, and back exit door upon the end of each class. This will also decrease surfaces that are touched by staff and students.
-No high powered fans will be used

Other Modifications Specific to our Yoga Classes and Studio Operations:

-All classes will not be heated. The temperature will be set to room temperature of 21 Degrees Celsius for the duration of all classes.
-No specific breathing exercises at the beginning of class, during class or at the end of class.
-Yoga Instructors are required to modify the classes to keep the activity of the class to a low intensity so that students can breathe in a calm and controlled manner through the nose.
-All scheduled classes are strictly low intensity
-We no longer offer the use of lockers
-We no longer offer shower facilities or change rooms. They are closed off with visible tape and signage and this is posted to our website.
-We no longer off the use of any shared equipment. Students must bring their own yoga mat or purchase a new yoga mat available at the front desk reception area. This is posted on our website.
-We no longer offer a water refill station. Students must bring their own water bottles to class. This is posted to our website
-Students must promptly exit the premise following the end of their scheduled class.
-There is to be no lingering in the yoga studio room and near the back exit way after class.
-Our check-in procedure starts a minimum of 30 minutes prior to each scheduled class to give ample time to check-in students one at a time and assign them to their spot. The front door is promptly locked once the class has started so there is no late entry or entry of visitors.
-Students are not permitted to take more than 1 scheduled yoga class per day.
-We have removed extra benches and cubbies to create a more open space for all students to maintain physical distancing before and after classes.
-We use clearly marked tape and decals directing students where to go and where to stand at all times throughout the studio. This is also verbally explained to students upon arrival.
-We have clearly marked tape outside of the front entrance for students to wait in line prior to entry.
-Our Studio Manager and Owner have worked together to establish schedules that allow for consistent pods of staff working together to limit exposure among scheduled staff.
-Our Studio Manager and Owner will work together to get tasks done from home, such as social media updates, scheduling, updating account information and accounting. This will reduce the total amount of workers on-site and allow work to be done from the safety of their homes.
-We no longer offer any shared utensils or cups in the staff room, all staff must bring their own if needed.
-The increased intervals between scheduled classes will allow for a maximum of two staff working at one time.
-The increased intervals between scheduled classes will allow staff ample time to conduct all COVID-19 specific cleaning between classes.
-Front Desk Staff are scheduled to allow extra time and the beginning and end of each shift to complete all necessary cleaning and sign off on the daily cleaning checklist.
-All Front Desk Reception workers and Yoga Teachers have been trained on how to safely conduct themselves with all new guidelines.


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