August: Handstand

This month, we will be focusing on learning the handstand. This pose is great for strengthening your arms, shoulders and wrists. Practicing inversions can also have a positive effect on your mood as the blood flow to your brain can give you a boost of energy and reduce mild stress and anxiety. In addition to all the amazing physical benefits, handstands are just plain fun to do! Please use a wall and/or a spotter if you are new to the handstand practice.

Here’s how to get into a handstand:

1.Place your hands shoulder width apart on your mat with your fingertips pointing towards the wall. Spread your fingertips wide and grip the mat. Squeeze your arms towards each other and tighten your core.

2.From this downward facing dog position, bring your left leg a step in closer to your hands with the knee bent. Keep your right leg straight.

3. Bending your left leg, kick your right leg up into the air towards the wall. Try a few kick ups before holding it to warm up and find your balance. Remember to keep your core tight and your fingers gripping the mat.

4. when you feel ready, try kicking all the way up to the wall and holding it for a few seconds. Don’t over do it. Hold just a few seconds at a time and work your way up.

5. If you are arching your back, tyr lengthening your tailbone towards your feet and squeeze your legs together.

6. Remember to breathe.