Our luxurious studio offers a full range of amenities to meet your comfort and convenience needs.

  • 2 Yoga Rooms
  • Non-Porous Antibacterial Floor
  • Spacious Change Rooms (TEMPORARILIY CLOSED)
  • Shower Facilities (TEMPORARILIY CLOSED)
  • Free Locker Facilities (TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE)
  • Mat & Towel Services (TEMPORARILY UNAVAILABLE)
  • Retail selection of high quality yoga products.


There are two entrances to the parkade, both off of Columbia street. From 4th street you will pull into the top level of the parkade or deck “A”. From 6th street you will pull into the bottom level of the parkade or deck “C”.

Street Parking

There is also convenient street parking directly in front of the studio. The street meters are in effect from 8am – 8pm Monday – Saturday and 12pm – 8pm on Sundays and Holidays. Meters have a 2 hour maximum time limit.