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Please view our new studio walkthrough procedures:

Please note that we will no longer be issuing the questionnaire prior to class as we will be taking each students’ temperature upon entry to the studio. Any student with a temperature of 37.6 degrees Celsius or more will not be permitted entry to take class.

We are happy to announce that we will be re-opening the studio on Monday, June 1st. Please check online for our reduced schedule. Due to physical distancing, our class sizes will be limited and we will be requiring online registration at this time. All students must arrive a minimum of 15 minutes before class, or you may lose your space to a standby student. 12 hours notice is required for all cancellations. Any late cancellations or no shows will be subject to a $20+gst feeIn order to sign-in to your classes online, you will need to visit https://mindbody.io/ or download the MINDBODY app. Once there/downloaded you can create an account and look up our studio under “Santosha Yoga”. If your membership information is not syncing with what you already have at the studio please contact us via email at info@santoshanewwest.ca and we will help you as best we can. Students must have an active membership to sign-in for classes online. If you think your membership may have expired during our closure, please email us and we will reactivate your pass. If you have run out of classes, you can purchase more through the MINDBODY app. or on our website at www.santoshanewwest.caWe cannot process payments over the phone. Once you have found our studio you can view our schedule and click the “BOOK” button on the class you would like to attend. Once registered, you will be emailed a confirmation that includes our health & safety questionnaire. This questionnaire must be filled out and emailed back to the studio at least one hour before the class start time so it can be reviewed by staff. This is mandatory for every class you attend so please make sure your account is subscribed to all of our emails.

Please arrive for class 15-30 minutes prior to the class start time and line up on the specified spaces outside of the studio and wait for further instruction. Students will be allowed to enter the studio one at a time so please be patient. Our hallway will now be one-way only. Once students have gone down the hallway to the back of the studio, they will not be permitted back into the lobby. Please remove your shoes in the lobby and carry them to the back of the studio with you as all students will be exiting using the back door. Our change rooms and showers will be closed until further notice with no exceptions. Please arrive dressed and ready for class. We will have one accessible bathroom open for use but to prevent wait times, please use the washroom before coming to the studio. Lockers will still be available, but keys must be obtained at the front desk during sign in. We have discontinued all mat & towel rentals as well as the use of studio props. Please come to class with all of the equipment you will need to participate as we will not be able to make any exceptions. We will be selling yoga mat, blocks and straps at the front desk at a discounted rate. We will continue the sale of bottled water and coconut water, but we can no longer offer refills from our water cooler. Please come prepared for class with your own filled water bottle as we will not be able to supply students with cups or bottles if students forget theirs at home. While we will still accept cash payments, credit and debit are preferred and appreciated. We have taken the time to carefully measured mat spaces in our hot room so that students may practice at a safe distance from each other. Mats must be placed in one of the designated areas on the floor when you enter the yoga room. Students will be allowed a 5-minute savasana after class but are then asked to leave the studio as quickly as possible so that the studio can be sanitized prior to the next class. We are unable to allow students to linger in the studio to converse between classes. In order to allow as many students as possible to attend classes while we have a reduced schedule, students will only be permitted to attend one class per day. If you wish to take a second class, you will need to exit the studio and wait outside until 5 minutes prior to the next class you wish to take. If we have space available in the class, you will be permitted to attend the class. Please continue to check online for updates as our schedule is always subject to change and we will be adding more classes as we see fit.

All memberships will be adjusted due to the studio closure. This may mean something different for each membership. All auto-pay memberships will begin to be charged on Monday, June 1. If you have a credit for being charged while we were closed, it will be applied now. If you were charged on March 15th, your membership will be charged a smaller prorated amount on June 1st to pay for June 1-14 and your credit will be applied on June 15th.  Auto-pay memberships that include mat & towel service will be discounted accordingly as we are unable to offer this service at this time. If you wish to keep your monthly auto-pay on hold for the time being, please contact us via email before your Monday, June 1 payment as we are unable to issue refunds on any and all charges. You will then need to email us again prior to your next payment date to reassess. If you do not email us before your next payment, your account will be charged and your membership reactivated. All 1-year, 6-month or 1-month unlimited memberships will have the number of days we were closed added to their membership effective from their first date of attendance. All students who were in the middle of a one-week trial will have their memberships restarted from the first date of attendance.

All class card expiry dates have been suspended on memberships purchases prior to our reopening on June 1. Any class card purchased on or after June 1, 2020, WILL have an effective expiry date.

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